Funds Unsure for Tempe Streetcar But We Move Forward Anyway

Responsible people don’t make a large, unnecessary purchase if there is uncertainty as to whether a revenue source will be available to pay for it.  For example, if your company isn’t doing well, you may hold off buying a new vehicle or new home.

Not the City of Tempe.  Every day is payday in Tempe because the taxpayers have open wallets, and if not, City Council will pass a tax increase or assess some fee and they can move forward with their pet projects.  An example of this is the Tempe Streetcar, the one with its own spokesman.  A reader sent us this article dated May 30, 2017:

Federal Cuts Threaten Light Rail, Trolley Projects

But look at this Twitter post on June 1st:

Tempe tweeted all is running smoothly.  Yes, it is summer, school is out, and Arizona State’s athletic events don’t resume for a few months.  Let’s keep on eye on how smooth things run when ASU has its first football game.  Mill Avenue will be under construction, Rural Rd is getting new water mains (hopefully this is a relatively quick project), and McClintock has been narrowed for empty bike lanes.

Several years ago, Tempe taxpayers called for buses instead of a streetcar as buses are less expensive and the routes can be adjusted as needed.  That solution was too sensible so Tempe City Council ignored it.


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