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It’s a trifecta in Arizona.  Much like our fifty united states each once had unique personalities and attributes, our cities in Arizona also once were exclusive.  Not anymore.  We can pretty much bet when Phoenix, Tempe, or Tucson makes a decision, especially a controversial one, the other two will eventually follow suit.  It seems as […]

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Update to Tempe Council’s Border Wall Fiasco

Thanks to a reader who is researching Tempe City Council’s time spent to oppose a border wall between the United States and Mexico. It turns out our Council members, paid by Tempe taxes, have been using staff time and resources to develop the resolution that will be voted on at the January 18, 2018 Council […]

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Tempe Leaders Avoid Term Limits, Just Like Congress

As usual, Tempe Council knows best.  And as usual, the beat down of fellow Councilman Kolby Granville goes on. We aren’t particularly fond of Councilman Granville’s overpriced and underused bike lanes, but he often is the only current Tempe councilman to question the status quo in Tempe. In a quest to recognize the undercurrent in […]

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