Voter Suppression Via Tempe City Council

We hear it in the news all the time, especially from the Left.  Whenever policies are upheld which require identification to vote the accusations fly about voter suppression and everyone should have a right to vote no matter what.  Except in Tempe if the City Council gets its way on November 6th.

Some members of the past Council (which ended at the end of June, 2018) were not happy with the results of the Tempe City election in March.  And they definitely don’t care for one incumbent who dares to question the status quo.  What to do?  Why, kick them off of course!

Wait, there is a provision in the Tempe charter for a recall election by the voters.  But that takes too much time and basically the final decision left to those pesky voters.  No, Tempe Council needed take matters in their own hands and do something quicker.  How about an innocent proposition that plays on emotion instead of fact?

Here is a link which best describes the problems with Tempe Prop 418.

Why does Tempe Council think they know better than the voters?  In the video which is included in the link, did Vice-Mayor Lauren Kuby break her own rules to protect Arizona State University?  It’s a head-scratcher why she allowed dialogue with two residents but not the third.  She is employed by ASU, did she need to protect the university when the opportunity arose?

The bottom line: VOTE NO ON TEMPE PROP 418!!



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