Homeless Take Priority Over Taxpayers in Tempe

It’s not proper to criticize those in need, but City Council members are fair game when they bite the mouths that feed them.

Over the last few years, complaints have been raised about the increasing amount of homeless in Tempe.  Owners of expensive condominiums near “A” Mountain by the Salt River regularly watch homeless camping on the side of the mountain, leaving trash while the residents feel less secure.  When they have complained to police, the residents have gotten the impression that law enforcement couldn’t do anything about it.  Some have gone to Council meetings to express frustration.

Nearby, homeless began setting up their residence along Mill Avenue to the detriment of business owners.  According to a piece by Phoenix New Times on August 19, 2015, it appears we have found one of the reasons Tempe Police are reluctant to do much about the situation.  Some of the business owners pushed for an ordinance to keep the homeless from camping out and interfering with their stores.

It’s so professional for a Tempe Council member to call business owners in Tempe “insensitive and callous”. Lauren Kuby doesn’t run a business, put any investment in a business, or worry about job security.  Yet she seems to know all about businesses, the same businesses who are paying taxes for her to squander.  Ms. Kuby, do you know whether those business owners donate to St. Vincent de Paul or volunteer in soup kitchens?  Do you know what any of those business owners give to their employees out of their personal finances to help a needy employee?  Do you realize every day that business is open the owners are risking their livelihoods to keep the doors open?  No, instead once again according to Councilwoman Kuby everyone else is wrong.

And please explain how the homeless are stakeholders in Tempe?  Is there a way Ms. Kuby could share what taxes they are paying?  Who will be paying for this fire damage by the homeless in Papago Park?  Here is a screenshot from an azcentral.com article recently.

Because Councilwoman Kuby works in government instead of the real world, she may not realize that when business owners and citizens are taxed less they have more money to donate directly to the needy.  The best way to help others is by those closest to them, and that is neighbors and places of worship.  Fewer regulations free up money so those callous and insensitive business owners can grow their business and hire more people which leads to fewer hungry and homeless people.  Additionally, folks feel much better about themselves when they can earn their own way.  Everyone wins.

Tempe is taxing us to pay for little-used bike lanes, grid bikes that will be stolen and damaged from the heat, and free nursery school among other things.  If Tempe Council wants to promote the homeless camps, why didn’t they spend money on another law enforcement officer as requested by the police chief?

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