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Quiet Country Club Way May Be Disrupted by Bike Lanes

Current and past Tempe City Councils think they should turn Tempe into Copenhagen.  It is too late.  But that doesn’t matter, there is federal money dangling like a carrot and Tempe is bound to get its hands on it and make fundamental changes to our comfortable, established neighborhoods. Country Club Way is a quiet street […]

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Tempe–For the Young but Paid for by the Old

A reader sent us this email with some observations about a recent phone call to the City of Tempe. Obviously the young average age in Tempe is due to Arizona State University.  Many residents in south Tempe complain because they work hard and pay taxes yet feel under-represented at the City.  There may be something to […]

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Important Tempe Bike Lane Meeting 6-29-17

Enough said, here we go again.  It will be interesting to see how this meeting transpires, whether citizens will actually get an opportunity for public comment, and whether Tempe Council really gives a darn or if this is another part of their charade. We know some citizens are throwing in the towel knowing Council has […]

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