Our Mission

Our mission at Taxed in Tempe is to network with others living and/or doing business in Tempe who are not happy with the direction our city is going.  Think about your water bill over the years.  Why have they substantially increased even as many of us are using much less water?  Our bulk waste collection schedule was reduced, but we saw no decrease in our utility bill.   Where is the money?

What is with the bike lanes on McClintock?  What about the bike lanes Council wants to put through the horse properties in Circle G Ranches?  What about those on horseback who will be put in a dangerous situation when their horse spooks as bikes speed by to who knows where?

What about the current Council’s plan to rip up the quiet Country Club artery from north to south for, you guessed it, bike lanes?  This proposal is only 1/2 mile east of the new, overpriced, and little-used McClintock bike lanes.

What about Tempe’s new program to pay for nursery school for 3 and 4 year olds?  Why is the City of Tempe in the education business?

Why is Tempe letting squatters camp near “A” Mountain, right across from expensive condos?  When the police were asked by residents to do something about the mess, the police said they couldn’t do much about it.  Why not?  Is City Council and/or the Mayor protecting freeloaders?

Tempe Council just approved more marijuana dispensaries.  Who is behind that?  Why would the City make a drug more available, especially when the Council members spoke against marijuana?

This is only a sample of problems started by City Council which we will be paying for.  We will be addressing these concerns and others that surface. Please join us to keep Tempe ours.