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Update to Tempe Council’s Border Wall Fiasco

Thanks to a reader who is researching Tempe City Council’s time spent to oppose a border wall between the United States and Mexico. It turns out our Council members, paid by Tempe taxes, have been using staff time and resources to develop the resolution that will be voted on at the January 18, 2018 Council […]

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Tempe Inter-Department Mail, 200 feet Away

Recently a Tempe resident needed to drop off some paperwork at the Tempe Historical Museum in the library complex at the corner of Southern and Rural Road.  When she arrived, the museum was closed.  She walked to the Edna Vihel center, about 200 feet away.  She asked an employee in the Vihel Center if she […]

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Tempe Safety or Plastic Bags

There are dozens of issues citizens hold their government officials accountable for.  On the local level we expect safe neighborhoods, a quick response from first responders, successful schools, properly maintained streets, clean water, and regular garbage pickup.  These are tall tasks, but they are what is expected when electing city council members. In Tempe, we […]

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