Tempe Inter-Department Mail, 200 feet Away

Recently a Tempe resident needed to drop off some paperwork at the Tempe Historical Museum in the library complex at the corner of Southern and Rural Road.  When she arrived, the museum was closed.  She walked to the Edna Vihel center, about 200 feet away.  She asked an employee in the Vihel Center if she could take the paperwork to the designated museum employee the next day.

The Vihel Center employee said she could send the papers through inter-office mail, but it would take about three days.  The resident asked the employee why she couldn’t walk it over to the museum the following day.  After all, the employee was earning a paycheck and pension from the Tempe resident.  The employee appeared to be bothered that her inter-office mail solution was challenged.

It’s important to remember that four out of five Tempe employees do not live in Tempe.  They have no horse in the race.  This is not the only time we have heard of lazy employees and managers working in many of the departments in Tempe.  The hard-workers can’t speak up for fear of repercussions, especially if they are Caucasian men, straight, and Christian.  The lazy workers protect each other, their paychecks, and their retirement.  Meanwhile, the Tempe taxpayers foot the bill.

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