“Truth in Taxation” on June 8th

Thanks to a reader from Tempe who sent us a few clippings from newspapers dated 5-25-17 about a pending tax increase for Tempe homeowners.  Good job, Council.  All those new apartments everywhere provide living quarters for lots more people who won’t be paying property taxes but are a drain on the city.  No problem, the homeowners will foot the bill.

Since there is a state law called “Truth in Taxation”, see how easy it is to understand these clippings.  This one says the overall levy will increase taxes by 2.1%

This notice says the increase is 2.0%.

Which is it?  Or is it both?  How can this comply with “truth in taxation” when the numbers are not identical?  If the tax lingo is intentionally written to confuse people, that is not truthful, at least the private sector doesn’t believe so.  If you go to a grocery store and are told an item has a couple different costs, but the explanation doesn’t make sense, you shop elsewhere.  Governments know we have no alternatives, so they speak a different language, because they can.

Is this tax increase being used to cover free nursery school, the library grounds makeover, or the mysterious bikes in front of the library that the taxpayers paid for and are collecting dust?

Aren’t these bikes cute?  Stay tuned to TaxedInTempe.com, we will have more on these bikes in the future. The bottom line is Tempe Council should not get a thumbs-up on any tax increase.  Pay them a visit on June 8th at 6PM.


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