Tempe Water Rate Increases Puzzle Residents

Several decades ago, Tempe water rates were reasonable.  Not anymore.  There is a mystery as to why they have gotten so high, even at homes with desert landscaping.  City Council members blame federal regulations.  Of course that is some of the reason.  Others have cited some accounting issues within the water department and its personnel.  Councilwoman Lauren Kuby has put an article on her Facebook page addressing the issue.

But we are wondering if the outrageous salary for a public servant in the water department has anything to do with the steadily increasing water rates.

And what about this solid waste job opening, another service included in the water bills?

How many managers are in the water and waste department?  What is the total of their salaries, benefits, sick days, and vacation days?

The average salary of Tempe residents is about $50,000.  Why are Tempe’s PUBLIC SERVANTS paid such a high wage?


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