Tempe Leaders Avoid Term Limits, Just Like Congress

As usual, Tempe Council knows best.  And as usual, the beat down of fellow Councilman Kolby Granville goes on.

We aren’t particularly fond of Councilman Granville’s overpriced and underused bike lanes, but he often is the only current Tempe councilman to question the status quo in Tempe.

In a quest to recognize the undercurrent in the country right now, he suggested the city look at term limits for Mayor and Council.  By no means does this guarantee Tempe would join several other Valley cities and require term limits.  Granville’s suggestion was to merely form a subcommittee to look at the pros and cons of the issue.

Mayor Mark Mitchell wanted no part of it.  He and others on Tempe Council are correct, they have term limits if the voters so choose.  That is the same theory our Founding Fathers used.  However, over time the decks have been stacked against the taxpayers, so government power stays at the top and is often handed off to who those in power choose.  Some of this is our own fault.  But the more taxpayers feel nothing will change in government, the less engaged they become, and the more power city councils, state governments, and the federal government attain.

Why would a member of the Mitchell Dynasty want term limits?  Maybe the Mayor can hold his seat until one of his children can run for it.  “Mayor Mitchell” just rolls off the tongue, why change now?

Thanks to Councilman Granville for suggesting a committee to discuss term limits.  We at Taxed in Tempe fully support the idea.


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