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Quiet Country Club Way May Be Disrupted by Bike Lanes

Current and past Tempe City Councils think they should turn Tempe into Copenhagen.  It is too late.  But that doesn’t matter, there is federal money dangling like a carrot and Tempe is bound to get its hands on it and make fundamental changes to our comfortable, established neighborhoods. Country Club Way is a quiet street […]

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Tempe Council Candidate Reveals Decisions are Made Before Public Comment/Vote

It has been long suspected that many very important Tempe City Council decisions are made behind the scenes without public input.  Of course, Council members disagree in public with this accusation.  But the way informational meetings are run and the limited question/answer sessions allowed force many to come to the conclusion the public truly isn’t […]

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Tempe Water Rate Increases Puzzle Residents

Several decades ago, Tempe water rates were reasonable.  Not anymore.  There is a mystery as to why they have gotten so high, even at homes with desert landscaping.  City Council members blame federal regulations.  Of course that is some of the reason.  Others have cited some accounting issues within the water department and its personnel.  […]

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