Bloated Administrative Salaries at Tempe’s “Free” Nursery School

We are trying to understand the City of Tempe’s need to meddle in the lives of preschoolers.  There already exists an entire industry dedicated to teaching, and as the bureaucratic education industry has grown and more money has been thrown at it, the results have been less than stellar.  The State of Arizona has a Department of Education tasked with guiding kindergarten-12th grade.  The federal government has an unconstitutional Department of Education.  At least little kids have been left alone which has allowed their parents to do the job tasked to them at birth—>raise their own kids.

But not in Tempe.  Councilman David Schapira never misses out on a chance to grab headlines, and what better way than developing a “free” nursery school program while he is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Of course we know the program is not free.  The cost is $3,000,000/year for 360 kids, paid for by the Tempe taxpayers.  For those of you who are struggling with Common Core math, that amounts to $8,333/little kid.  What?  How does teaching a 3 or 4 year old cost $8,333?  The buildings exist, so no structures need to be built.  What is all this money for?

Recently, Tempe’s local television channel ran some “Help Wanted” ads.  We may have found one of the reasons for the bloated education budget.   Check out these salaries:

Preschool Resource Expansion–what does that mean, will the program get bigger?  Will more “needy” kids be solicited so the program will never go away?

And what are these Data Analysts?  What information will they be collecting and what will they do with it?  Data collection is already a hot topic with many Americans.  With the recent revelations of spying on citizens by the Obama administration, many are asking what exactly does our government, at any level, do with the information they obtain about private citizens?

Our guess is not a lot of data needs to be collected on little kids.  Is the data collection on their parents—-income, education levels, political preference, religious preference, who has health insurance, the number of dogs in the house?

There was another position needed by the City of Tempe and we wonder why:

If the hourly pay is mid-range, that would add up to a $50,000/year job, which isn’t bad.  Remember Tempe also offers great benefits and lots of paid time off.  But why is Tempe in the nutrition business?  Could it be a nutritionist for the “free” nursery school?

Think about the domino effect—-all of these unnecessary salaries for an unnecessary program paid to unnecessary employees who will be forever grateful to #$3millionSchapira.  It’s a great vote-grabbing scheme and well thought out.  Kudos to the Councilman.

The gravy train is alive and well in Tempe’s questionable education endeavor.  Ooops, the $50K nutritionist may not allow the word “gravy.”



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