Background and Results of Adding the McClintock Bike Lanes and Candlesticks

Several years ago, Tempe voters we misled and voted for the 2040 General Plan.  While the plan looks nice on paper, it is actually the result of Agenda 21, a project of the United Nations.  That means the UN is making decisions for our country and cities when we agree to projects like this.  One of the goals is to get us out of cars and on to bikes and mass transit.  Biking to work sounds great when it’s 110 degrees in the Phoenix area, doesn’t it?

Councilwoman Lauren Kuby has told some citizens the bike lanes are not Agenda 21.  Amazing.  Is she really ignorant about Agenda 21 or is she covering for her sustainability job at Arizona State University?

Here is a link to a citizen in California who has written an informative book about Agenda 21 and how to recognize it in your community.   We urge you to order Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask” or keep up with her website.

Meanwhile here is a great write-up about how Tempeans woke up to bike lanes and candlesticks and how they are (not) embraced.  Commuters in the south Tempe area are waiting to see Mayor Mark Mitchell riding his bike to City Hall each day.  Maybe this summer…..

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