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Is Tempe Playing with Our Tax Revenue at the Expense of Schools?

Thanks to the Arizona Daily Independent for its research into some possible improprieties with Tempe’s tax revenue.  Ironically, the Tempe City Council and Mayor Mark Mitchell, the same Council that says it promotes education by cramming “free” preschool down our throats, may be depriving schools of some of its income via taxes.  No problem, state taxpayers […]

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Quiet Country Club Way May Be Disrupted by Bike Lanes

Current and past Tempe City Councils think they should turn Tempe into Copenhagen.  It is too late.  But that doesn’t matter, there is federal money dangling like a carrot and Tempe is bound to get its hands on it and make fundamental changes to our comfortable, established neighborhoods. Country Club Way is a quiet street […]

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Tempe Leaders Avoid Term Limits, Just Like Congress

As usual, Tempe Council knows best.  And as usual, the beat down of fellow Councilman Kolby Granville goes on. We aren’t particularly fond of Councilman Granville’s overpriced and underused bike lanes, but he often is the only current Tempe councilman to question the status quo in Tempe. In a quest to recognize the undercurrent in […]

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